MUSICA s.r.o.

The MUSICA, s.r.o. Bratislava music company has been active in Slovakia since 1991. At the time of its establishment, MUSICA was the first music publishing company in the former Czecho-Slovak Federation, which had, as part of its activities, a branch office in Prague. After the division of the country, MUSICA, s.r.o. in Prague began to function as an independent music company.

MUSICA, s.r.o. in Bratislava, over its 25-year existence, has released 150 titles from 115 domestic groups and performers. Besides such renowned performers such as the group Elán, Robo Grigorov, Beáta Dubasová, Laco Lučenič, Katarína Hasprová, Berco Balogh, Adriena Bartošová, Dodo Dubán, Lúčnica and the world-famous operatic soloists, Peter Dvorský and Edita Grúberová, the company has also provided space for less well known and newly-formed Slovak groups, which have released their first singles and albums through the company.

MUSICA is active not only as a music production company, but also as a commercial organisation, distributing musical media not only of its own production.

  Executive: Bc. Pavol Repa
  Company Manager: Mgr. Jela Kersenbaum
  Publishing Department: Pavol Repa



Ing. Jana Fabová
  Registered seat:

MUSICA spol. s r.o.
Obchodná 22/A
811 06 Bratislava






Jánošíkovská 68
900 42 Dunajská Lužná

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